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[Post Game Thread] The Los Angeles Clippers (31-13) defeat the Dallas Mavericks (27-16) 110-107




[–]Raptors CaptainSkull22 22 指標 2小時前

Luka and Kawhi were neck and neck


[–]Raptors ak_bal23 9 指標 2小時前

Luka plays like he’s been in the league for 10 years


[–]Magic madelins 72 指標 2小時前

Kawhi was actually amazing down the stretch


[–]Spurs kiwi_duncan 30 指標 2小時前

Kawhi’s midrange down the stretch is truly a thing of beauty


[–]Suns FultonHomes 28 指標 2小時前

It’s a privilege to watch Kawhi play


[–][DAL] Nick Van Exel pm_me_books_you_like 45 指標 2小時前*

It’s unbelievable. The midrange, 3, and driving game are all unstoppable. Plus he can generate steals at will. Watching him show Luka he’s still the man was pretty damn cool.


[–][CLE] Kyrie Irving Somali_Kamikaze 42 指標 2小時前

A lot will be made of Kawhi’s offense but he looked like an octopus on the other end of the floor.


[–]Mavs tooeasyforkevin 16 指標 2小時前

dude was money down the stretch


[–]Nets AtWorkAndOnReddit 92 指標 2小時前

Playoff Kawhi came out to play tonight.


[–][BOS] Marcus Smart Mitsoccer9 62 指標 2小時前

He wasn’t Kawhi tonight, he was boardman


[–]West reigningnovice 15 指標 2小時前

Kawhi is the best player in LA & it’s not close


[–]capnchuc 9 指標 2小時前

The people that try to disparage his accomplishments don’t know what good basketball is.


[–][DAL] Nick Van Exel pm_me_books_you_like 58 指標 2小時前

He was unconscious down the stretch with the ball in his hands. He’s always good, but at a certain point he decides to turn it on and he’s the best guy on the court by a mile.


[–]Arvamaka 10 指標 2小時前

Yeah, I remember one game recently, they were going into the fourth and the other team was just torching them. Then the other team proceeded to score only 17 points in the fourth…. in the postgame interview they asked Kawhi what happened and he literally said, "I decided that they weren’t going to score anymore."


[–]Hawks kali_uchis_dad 22 指標 2小時前

That behind the back pass out of the double team to Shamet for 3 was just unfair


[–]Mavericks Moe4ver 3 指標 2小時前

Kawhi is a robot. His shot is so mechanical, miss or make.

Clippers playing some low-level Detroit bad boys defense. Subtle pushing and pulling opponents.



[–]untiliPEAK 8 指標 2小時前

Anybody notice how when Kawhi shot isn’t dropping, he’s still getting to his spots, assisting, rebounding, & defense.

this dude is something, somebody has to stop him



[–]thepoopmagi 16 指標 2小時前

The Clippers have to be the favorites right now. The team around Leonard is just too versatile. And they don’t even have George.

On the other hand, the more I watch the Mavs, and I say this as a guy who doubted both of their euro stars, the more I become convinced this is the star of something very big. Their offense is fucking spectacular already, if ol Rick can pull that defense together and Prozingis can find his form, boy.




[–]Mavericks WinterButton 21 指標 2小時前

Worst match-up in the West for the Mavs in my opinion so I was expecting a loss, but that was a rough ending. Losing Powell is terrible too.


[–]Mavericks chronoquairium 89 指標 2小時前

If it weren’t for Powell’s Achilles, I’m fine with this outcome. I expected to lose by 15+.


[–]Mavericks iNtense003 25 指標 2小時前

Honestly, same. I was not confident at all before this game started. A lot of positives can be taken out of this game.


[–][DAL] Wang Zhizhi suzukigun4life[S] 330 指標 2 小時前

We fell to 1-5 against LA teams on the season, and have now lost Powell for the rest of the year. I am sad


[–]Mavericks TheIIArencibia 83 指標 2小時前

2 Ls in one game, rough night.


[–]Mavericks TexansAndMavericks 18 指標 2小時前

I’m more upset about losing Powell, that bummed me out hardcore, changed my whole night


[–]Pistons Askmehowiknowthis 101 指標 2小時前

We’ve saved one Andre Drummond just for you!


[–]Mavericks LeRekt 58 指標 2小時前

God dammit


[–][DAL] Peja Stojakovic mvnvel 85 指標 2小時前

keep him. we got a 7 footer that looks lost on offense already.


[–]NBA MucusShotSwaGGins 8 指標 2小時前

Shit and I saw Dwight being in that potential trade deal for Drummond. How many picks and players would Pistons want for Drummond?


[–][DET] Luke Kennard LukeKennardMVP [分數隱藏] 3 分鐘前

1 first would beat any other offer we’ve gotten so far


[–]Mavericks Panchief 17 指標 2小時前

We are having a bad time lately with injuries. Like, luka + KP have been injured, and now Powell is probably gone until 20-21,.


[–]Rockets noobakosowhat 10 指標 2小時前

Yeah he may be gone for most of the year next season


[–]Mavericks rustyphish 7 指標 2小時前

yeah if it’s a full achilles tear I’d expect him to miss pretty much all of next season, so sad


[–]Raptors Bail____ 3 指標 18 分鐘前

Man it fucking sucked man, I was watching the game and it legit ruined the game for me and I had no skin in the match. Injuries suck and I’m sorry it happened to such an important piece of your team.

Prayers up for Dwight, hoping for a speedy and healthy recovery.



[–]NBA malikdwd 118 指標 2小時前

Aside from the Powell injury, this was a very entertaining game


[–]xyneid 34 指標 2小時前

Really? Apart from the 4th quarter, the whole game was brick and whistle fest. 37% and 42% FG percentage and 55 FT attempts combined are not my definition of an entertaining game.

Luka vs Kawhi was sure fun, but other than that, it was a pretty subdued and dull game.



[–]Rockets A_Rolling_Baneling 96 指標 2小時前

It was a close game. A game doesn’t have to be an offensive masterclass to be entertaining.




[–][BOS] Marcus Smart ParsnipPizza 36 指標 2小時前

Luka missed free throws, THJ missed a wide open 3 and the Mavs lost Powell and they still almost won. Great game in spite of the shooting %’s


[–]Tiger568 8 指標 2小時前*

Yea, and Kristaps shoot 4-17 today, not the best game from him


[–]Mavericks DraqonBourne 18 指標 2小時前

That 3 was just the perfect open look to tie off the Delon inboud steal and pass from Luka(wouldve made trip dub). Timmy just didn’t drop this time


[–]Rockets Jawn__Wick 353 指標 2小時前

It’s games like this that remind me why I love basketball. Luka and Kawhi going head to head is so exciting


[–]NBA KobeFanboi 8 指標 2小時前

the fucking Duel its like MJ vs Bird


[–][LAL] Kobe Bryant Chop_Artista 134 指標 2小時前

It’s games like this that remind me how frustrating close basketball games can be. lol


[–]NBA Magic_Jordan 56 指標 2小時前

Why are you frustrated?


[–][LAC] Sam Cassell sakata32 177 指標 2小時前

wanted the clippers to lose obviously


[–][LAL] Kobe Bryant djkamayo 32 指標 2小時前

cuz we lost twice to the Clips already


[–]76ers HarlemJazz 9 指標 1小時前

and might be a 3rd time a week from now


[–]lakers kill 13 指標 1小時前

I’ll give credit where it’s due, they are really fucking good


[–]Raptors hits-or-misses 95 指標 2小時前

Trez is a fucking gem

Also, board man gets new knees



[–]nukeemrico2001 7 指標 1小時前

All those takes I hear about the Clippers trading Trez are fuckin mental. I would kill to have that guy on my team. One of the hardest working players in the league.


[–]mrhashbrown 2 指標 36 分鐘前

Trezz really is special. I really can’t think of too many players who just bring 100% hustle in every game. The dude is relentless, and incredibly fun to watch. Really hope they don’t let him leave.


[–][LAC] Austin Rivers dankknightrises 28 指標 2小時前

We better pay him god damnit. I’m sure Ballmer will, but honestly I just can’t bare the thought of him on another team. Obviously Kawhi is the guy but Trezz is my favourite Clipper and it isn’t really close.


[–]JetGan 144 指標 2小時前*

Shamet using aimbot? Dude hit some tough 3s late in the game.


[–]Clippers youreallonsteroids 37 指標 2小時前

i love shamet


[–]mrhashbrown 2 指標 34 分鐘前

He was incredibly clutch down the stretch last year to help them make the playoffs. Still has his limitations, but he can nail some lethal shots late.


[–]Celtics Brad-Stevens 41 指標 2小時前

Still kinda wild Philly just gave away Shamet

Boy is a SHOOTER shooter



[–]76ers 1231412412 13 指標 1小時前

elton made a mistake


[–]76ers akbilgrami 44 指標 2小時前

This some revisionist history we didn’t give him away for nothing we got Harris


[–]Knicks MAC-10inTheGrass 17 指標 2小時前

I wasn’t a huge fan of the 6ers trading for Harris but to say "they just gave him away" is disingenuous, especially when Tobias is having a pretty nice year


[–]NBA TheAmbitious1 33 指標 2小時前

I’d rather have Shamet and 30 million in cap space than Tobias Harris tbh


[–]Lakers LPLSuperCarry 19 指標 2小時前

Congrats on sending away two picks and Landry Shamet for the rights to pay Tobias Harris 35 million dollars


[–]Clippers iLoveCloudyDays 9 指標 52 分鐘前

Don’t you guys love Tobi? Genuine question since I don’t watch Sixers’ games


[–]76ers ilive12 [分數隱藏] 1 分鐘前

I and most non-toxic sixers fans love Tobi, but also wish they could have found some other way to get him without giving up Shamet. But that’s the reality of it. We have Matisse now, and Korkmaz is starting to live up to his potential, so in the end I think it was for the best.

Tobias is like our most consistent player by far. Ben and Joel have higher ceilings and I have no doubt will bring their A game in the playoffs, but like Joel can be injury prone, and they both have games where they coast or are low-effort, and that’s very rare from he who reads books.




[–]Clippers JohnWick94 10 指標 2小時前

Happy with this W because we will probably take an L tomorrow without Kawhi, PG and Bev.


[–]Clippers tylerjehills 29 指標 2小時前

Both teams desperately tried to let the other steal the win. With how clutch we usually are, that was odd to watch


[–]Clippers ElBluntDealer 23 指標 2小時前

Bro we were super clutch and unclutch at the same time.


[–]Mavericks chronoquairium 4 指標 2小時前

Yeah I’m surprised by how much you choked, but I knew from the start we would fail in the clutch.


[–]Mavericks Panchief 13 指標 2小時前

We let it go, despite the best efforts of JaMychal Green


[–]Cavaliers speedism 11 指標 2小時前

KP shot his team out of this game without a doubt.


[–]HugoStick 5 指標 2小時前

We (mavs) are probably the most unclutch team in the league. We’ve let too many games slip away due to poor play down the stretch. It’s really worrying.


[–]Clippers jabroniclippers 7 指標 2小時前

2-6 in games decided by 3 or fewer for you guys this year. so frustrating being a fan when teams just can’t close out games. Been my entire basketball fan existence up until this year.


[–]Hugo Stick 3 指標 2小時前

haha man tell me about it, after having Dirk for 20 years and getting to witness his closing ability, it’s absolutely demoralizing to know that the team is generally going to make the wrong play and end up losing. Haven’t seen many games for the Clippers, but if Kawhi closes like that on a nightly basis, you guys don’t have anything to worry about in clutch situations. Dude was a machine.


[–]Rockets noobakosowhat 14 指標 2小時前

Luka and the Mavs will be scary. They ain’t spooky cute like the Timberwolves. They’re already here and challenging contenders.


[–]Clippers AudioDope562 11 指標 2小時前

All credit to Luka but I think the Mavs deserve a lot of credit too. Put a competent, adult team around him as quickly as they could. It is a good thing for the league when potential superstars are drafted by well run teams, even when they’re in a down period.








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