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范弗里特谈15连胜|猛龙看似不咋抢眼 实则准备卫冕

【键盘侠】范弗里特谈15连胜|猛龙看似不咋抢眼 实则准备卫冕

VanVleet on current win streak: “the regular season, that’s a no-brainer for us. We know that we can do that… We do that in our sleep. I don’t want us to say it’s easy, because I don’t want to be disrespectful, but we can do that. For us, it’s about being healthy and continuing to get better.”



[–]Raptors jps78 132 指標 17小時前

Championship DNA baby


[–]espressofredo 114 指標 16小時前

Historically speaking, he’s right. The Raptors have always been a really good season team and had issues in the postseason. That was broken last year. So now they have that Championship DNA, and it’s showing. 15 game win streak ain’t no joke. Doesn’t matter how many below 500 teams they beat. They were supposed to beat them. And this win streak ain’t no joke.

This team is hot. Too hot.



[–]Lakers IAmTheJediOutcast 33 指標 13小時前

inb4 Raptors surprisingly win the championship again and you hear NBA fans saying " they saw that coming. "

Hot take: " Did Raptors carry Kawhi last year? "


[–]Raptors I-braveheart 1156 指標 15小時前

From someone that has watched since ’95, it is refreshing to hear this. There’s a 7 year old somewhere that just assumes raptors make the playoffs every year.


[–]Raptors CjSportsNut 54 指標 13小時前

My sons are 10 and 7. They think the Raps are a dynasty. I remember the years in the wilderness all too well!


[–]Raptors ActualTeemoMain 493 指標 15小時前

The mid 2000s were not good to us lol


[–]Raptors DrunkenMasterII 42 指標 12小時前

Seems like lots of people on r/torontoraptors think the same. I always find it funny when fans are saying “oh if it’s not working let’s go through a rebuild”, just no, this is not that easy. I’ve been a fan long enough that even with Demar and Casey I didn’t mind the team keep on trying that way, because this was 100x time better than what we had previously. I don’t want to go back to that.


[–][CHI] Derrick Rose shotrob 24 指標 12小時前

Raptors have been a top 4 seed almost every year since a 7 year old would’ve started watching. Thats crazy


[–]Spurs desertratrunner 88 指標 13小時前

Me as 22 year old spurs fan, coming to dark terms this season


[–]Timberwolves 127crazie 80 指標 12小時前

Wait until you start experiencing 22, 24, 15, and 17 win seasons in sequence and have playoff droughts that last for 14 years. Then you will know what actual hopelessness feels like.


[–]Raptors superfuels 74 指標 14小時前

Credit goes to Nick Nurse and the execs who put in place the structure. From the start they’ve been pushing all the young guys, al the bench players like Norm to achieve more and mature, and they’ve all responded.

I think it’s been an enormous help that we’ve been written off. Takes the pressure off, puts the light on the LA teams/Milwaukee, and we can quietly go to work improving. I agree that regular season winning streak isnt something supremely important, but if we could hold onto the 2 seed it would be huge. I think we’d be better off facing Milwaukee in ECF than in 2nd round.



[–]Gulls ShittinSideways 42 指標 14小時前

I keep looking for the bad apple. Which player is going to start bitching about their role or playing time? Or which will be involved in some stupid off court drama? So far not a peep. It’s so refreshing. Not saying they don’t have problems internally but whatever they’re doing is working. Probably a mix of players with good character and staff who are able to solve problems before they unravel. Winning also seems to keep clickbait reporters in check.

As a habs fan, I just expect something bad to happen. I’m not used to everything going this well.



[–]Raptors fdy 14 指標 13小時前*

It helps to think that if you’re having a great Game nurse will run plays around you. The team also backs you up if you’re the next guy.

See our last few games and the leading scorers. It’s different everytime.

When I watch this team I see a bunch of dudes with confidence in themselves and their teammates. Everybody plays like they’re a scoring threat. And if it’s not their night they out hustle their matchup, cutting, switching, lock down defense.

Garbage time for us is basically our second unit. Unless you got Stanley Johnson, that’s garbage time, but no hate tho.





[–]Raptors IAmTaka_VG 12 指標 12小時前

IMO Lowry and Nurse bring the winners out of this team. It’s so obvious the change in mentality when Lowry starts sinking buckets or Nurse has a time out and then all of a sudden the Raptors just wake up and just run. It’s crazy so to the level of respect the entire team has for those two people. Truly an amazing core.


【键盘侠】范弗里特谈15连胜|猛龙看似不咋抢眼 实则准备卫冕


[–]The RealBort 11 指標 12小時前

I think what I hear with this is that the streak means shit all. It’s a good milestone and an accomplishment. They haven’t lost sight of the actual end goal. Another championship run.

That’s amazing to hear from the team. Whether VV or another player. They are working towards one goal and speaking as one team.



[–]76ers GrownManMove 2219 指標 16小時前

76ers fans looking in disgust


[–]Huskies swift_icarus 538 指標 13小時前

everyone is hating on you – for me it’s 50/50 you just flip the switch in the playoffs. it will hurt to lose butler but you guys were legit as fuck last year.


[–]Celtics CrippledMylar 50 指標 13小時前

Same here. I hate the Sixers as much as the next Celtics fan but I’m not writing them off. Even if they’re an 8th seed, they’re a tough matchup for any team in the East. When Embiid is switched on, he can easily be a Top 5 Player in the league.

That being said I am thoroughly enjoying the meltdown.



[–]Celtics joeygyro 637 指標 13小時前

May I remind you of the Kyrie “just wait for the playoffs” Irving disaster of 2019. I am not sure flip switching is possible. If you can’t figure it out in the regular season, you won’t be ready for the postseason. I know it’s not fair to compare teams, but I wouldn’t want to get my hopes up if I were a 6ers fan


[–]Bucks panick21 141 指標 12小時前

You didn’t enjoy Kyrie waving of Horford to guard Giannis 1 on 1 in transition. I thought it to be the funnies thing I have seen in years.


[–]Celtics ruznuz 21 指標 10小時前

Oh my god you just reminded me.

I don’t want to hate Kyrie but fuck that shit was infuriating.



[–]Raptors milkplantation 181 指標 13小時前

Kyrie came up under Lebron, someone who could/can actually do that. As good as Kawhi was in the regular season, he really elevates in the playoffs as well. The real problem with that example is Kyrie still hasn’t realized he’s no Lebron James or Kawhi Leonard.


[–]Bulls Baggemtits 130 指標 13小時前

I don’t think the 76ers have a Lebron or Kawhi level player either.


[–]derangeredeks 81 指標 13小時前

Furkan is gonna be semi Reggie Miller


[–]Celtics Onomatopoeiac 38 指標 13小時前

And who’s the guy on the Sixers that’s flipping the switch?


[–]kfc300 58 指標 13小時前*

Ben Simmons with a right hand three point shot he has been perfecting in secret


[–]peppermintpattymills 7 指標 11小時前

Simmons secretly working on a 3PT floater.


[–]Bulls hellanutty 138 指標 13小時前

Yeah I think certain players can flip a switch in the post season but I wouldn’t bet on an entire team to pull it together during the playoffs. If they can’t figure it out in the regular season, why would they figure it out in a more difficult situation against tougher competition?


[–]Raptors 93LEAFS 68 指標 12小時前

The true greats can drive it up another level. For example, Lebron’s defense in the playoffs is going to be much more intense than what he exerts during the season. He has to pick and choose where he can put energy at his age. Now, for an entire team to collectively up their defensive intensity is not happening to that level.


【键盘侠】范弗里特谈15连胜|猛龙看似不咋抢眼 实则准备卫冕


[–][PHI] Joel Embiid B00MSHAQ 45 指標 16小時前

He’s right, raptors have always been a great regular season team and now they have tasted real playoff success, they want more and the window is closing on some of the older guys (still plenty of young guys for the future)


[–]76ers Mikey_Bagadonuts 845 指標 16小時前

This team is still so fucking hungry. Can’t really do anything but respect this squad. Ya bastards.


[–]Lakers skrtskerskrt 368 指標 15小時前

A lot of teams fall into championship hangover or post championship boredom, so they do worse the next season, but not this team.


[–]Raptors dhillonaire 545 指標 15小時前

I think its partly because Kawhi left and people were saying we will be shit now.


[–]Lakers Jaybans 282 指標 14小時前

This team wants to prove everyone wrong and it’s amazing. I’m here for this iteration of the Raptors. They’re hungry, overlooked, and going to be a force in the playoffs.


[–]Raptors dr_crackgeek 71 指標 13小時前

I can empathize with our guys. Imagine winning a championship and mainstream media gives 99% of the credit to 1 guy on the team. Obviously that one dude deserves credit but not enough to discredit the rest of the guys that played their hearts out.

Now imagine that the main dude leaves your team and in the process your team gets absolutely shat on, overlooked, and quite frankly insulted by some of the absurd takes that spewed in regards of the team’s overall talent level and playoffs aspirations.

In short, Danny Green, you will be missed! But the Raptors have proven their worth without you!



[–]Lakers kaboomofdoom 129 指標 14小時前

If the Lakers don’t win, I’m definitely rooting for the raptors


[–]Warriors canyouread7 13 指標 13小時前

My roommate’s a diehard laker fan and the whole time he’s been telling me how the lakers are gonna flop in the playoffs cuz they only win against sub 0.500 teams and lose against playoff teams. Thoughts?


[–]Raptors 6ixDeshaunWatson4 20 指標 13小時前

it’s honesty their lack of wings man. They have holes that are being shielded by the Goat-ness of Lebron and the best big man in the league in AD. In playoff time, were obviously gonna see Playoff Bron but that lack of wings, and another playmaker can kill them. Then again they literally have a player in his 4th prime so i don’t really fucking know. Those clippers losses are tell-tale signs of why not having great wings might hurt them in the playoffs. We can only wait i guess


[–][DAL] Steve Nash RD_Alpha_Rider 41 指標 14小時前

If the Raptors win the chip again this year who’s gonna be the sacrifice to make them more angry next year? Fred? 🙁


[–]Raptors dhillonaire 63 指標 14小時前

then the narrative’s gonna be: "They won because of Matt Thomas"



【键盘侠】范弗里特谈15连胜|猛龙看似不咋抢眼 实则准备卫冕

[–]Raptors Raptors2017champs 1835 指標 16小時前

Sexton on current losing streak: “the regular season, that’s a no-brainer for us. We know that we can do that… We do that in our sleep. I don’t want us to say it’s easy, because I don’t want to be disrespectful, but we can do that. For us, it’s about being healthy and continuing to get worse.”


[–]Big_Balmer_Brand 595 指標 16小時前

Damn, wtf did Sexton do to you?


[–]Lakers RDDTchino 271 指標 15小時前

For being as blind as a bat when it comes to court vision


[–]NBA Jao_R 196 指標 15小時前

Must be Kevin Love’s Reddit account.


[–][NYK] Tracy McGrady polandspreeng 23 指標 13小時前

It’s crazy how even with the streak they can’t catch up with Bucks and Celtics are keeping pace. Only 2 or 3 games behind them.


[–]Bucks The_Sign_of_Zeta 510 指標 16小時前

Raptors are the team I fear most. I expect us to win the East, but I am not going to disrespect how good the Raptors are.


[–]Raptors Buttsmuggler69 33 指標 16小時前

I do expect you guys to win the east but I think we’d have a shot against you guys if we’re at full strength. My dream scenario for the playoffs is to finally face the Celtics in the 2nd round and beat them and then go on to beat you guys again.


[–]Celtics cimmanonrolls 48 指標 15小時前

i think we all finally want a celtics-raps playoffs matchup. it needs to happen and i think both fanbases are confident in their teams to win


[–]Raptors RODjij 27 指標 14小時前

Raps vs Celtics series feels like has been long overdue.


[–][CHA] Dwayne Bacon gundermifflin 203 指標 15小時前

It’s insane how they lost their best player and a 3&D starter this offseason, didn’t add anybody, and are somehow looking just as good if not better than last year


[–]Toronto Huskies KalisNA 56 指標 15小時前

Not to mention all the injuries we’ve had to key players throughout this season. Seems like most games we have at least 2 starters out.

Next Man Up mentality they always talk about.

I don’t think even the most stalwart fans could claim to have predicted this success. It’s so much fun




[–]Raptors arrow00 14 指標 15小時前

I had full confidence that we can be 2nd or 3rd in the standings, but I didn’t expect this kind of record or this winning streak tbh.


[–]Raptors AhmedF 28 指標 14小時前

If raps win next 3, they will be on an 18-game win streak when facing the Bucks.

The exact length of Bucks’ win streak this season.



[–]Celtics Adam0529 253 指標 16小時前*

So who will break this run?

(16) Nets tomorrow in Brooklyn

after the break: 4 straight home games:

(17) Suns

(18) Pacers

(19) Bucks

(20) Hornets

I guess Celtics will just have to keep wining behind you untill we meet in Toronto and snatch that tie breaker. 😉






[–]Raptors jjkiller26 189 指標 16小時前

nets already gave us a tough game and this time it’s on the road so it wouldn’t surprise me if we lose that


[–]Raptors jhwyung 35 指標 14小時前

We also didn’t have Lowry. Love the 31 points from TD2 but he’s not PG yet and only had 1 assist.

Would rather 18 points and 8 assist from Lowry and have TD2 off the bench. Plus gotta admit the team is operates at a different level with Lowry running the show.



[–]Raptors arrow00 98 指標 15小時前

We really need Ibaka for the nets game. As much as I like rhj alone defense, his offense is shaky. The dude looks durable, every drive or layup he attempts first makes it harder than it should be and secondly always falls hard to the floor.


[–]Raptors TooMuchHoops 114 指標 16小時前

tbh at this point I could see any of those teams taking one. The Raptors have been really gassed in some of their games lately. They’ve been playing without 2-3 of their top 8 guys for this whole streak basically. I’m hoping we make it to the bucks with the streak intact, because I think that would add a little extra fun to it.


[–]Raptors awesomesauce615 13 指標 14小時前

Don’t forget we have a rest week after the Brooklyn game


[–]Celtics Adam0529 11 指標 14小時前

i think by this time everyone is gassed. that’s your advantage, having depth and no excuses attitude…








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